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Welcome to Aditron India Pvt. Ltd.

A group of technocrats led by ArunGoel and Dr. N. Kumar / S Rao a start up unit started by entrepreneurs with funds from parents and partly self financed with savings — as no bank ready to finance new units in 1983 having visited many industrial / manufacturing units in Europe and seen at Hanover fair the automation process and the purpose of low cost automation with direct or indirect benefits- inspired by technology and savings to the user started manufacturing and assembling in 1983 few import substitution industrial machine tools attachments/ accessories like die lifters die loaders dies and moulds storage systems -rotary joints and other range of industrial degreasing cleaning washing systems machine spms for low cost automation in over 35 years. Aditron having few thousand customers in India and abroad for our range of products, having two manufacturing units at Noida.

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