Degreasing Systems
DM-63 : Long Job Phosphating DM-64 : Side View Phosphating
Long Job Phosphating Side View Phosphating
DM-65 : Rotating Jets High Pressure DM-66 : Curtain of Conveyor System
Rotating Jets High Pressure Curtain of Conveyor System
DM-67 : Dipping with Loading Stage DM-68 : Single Stage Rotary Jets
Dipping with Loading Stage Single Stage Rotary Jets
DM-69 : Two Stage Vapo Dipp DM-70 : Vapour Degreaser with Basket
Two Stage Vapo Dipp Vapour Degreaser with Basket
DM-73 : Conveyor for one Piece DM-075 :Multi Stage Transporter Type Dipping
Conveyor for one Piece
DM-76 : Stainless Steel Conveyorised DM-077 : Multi Stage Phosphating Transporter

DM-029 : Small Conveyor  
Small Conveyor
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