Degreasing Systems (Machine Photographs)
DM-53 : Conveyor System DM-54 : Dipping + Dunking + Agitation
Conveyor System Dipping + Dunking + Agitation
DM-55 : Panel of Conveyorized Machine DM-56 : Control Panel of Dipping Machine
Panel of Conveyorized Machine Control Panel of Dipping Machine
DM-57 : Two Dipp Systems inline DM-58 : Multi Stage Transporter
Two Dipp Systems inline Multi Stage Transporter
DM-59 : Three Stage Conveyor DM-62 : Inside View of Conveyorized
Three Stage Conveyor Inside View of Conveyorized
Aditron Jet Pressure Conveyorised Degreasing - Rinsing - Hot Air - Cooling System Diagram
Drawing of Multistage Conveyourised System
Note : An Ultrasonic automatic Dipp type System can be added at the first stage.
Other stages are offered as required by the application - for effective cleaning - washing of components with motorised skimmer - filtration - heating - guaranteed quality.
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