Degreasing Systems
Rotating Jets
Rotating Jets



The Aditron DM-005 washers are designed for the spray cleaning of medium and large sized heavy parts and for heavy duty or high productivity jobs.

The Aditron DM-005 washers avoid all the drawbacks which arise from the use of a rotating platform for heavy parts and in addition give faster and more efficient cleaning plus a fully usable and accessible platform - basket.

The operating principle is based on rotary jets rotating through a specially designed manifold with four spray bars with special pattern nozzles. The revolving movement ensures a perfect cleaning of the parts... Continued

    Mobile Jets
Mobile Jets

Continued from DM-005

The cabin is made from sheet metal reinforced and welded on a rigid tubular frame. The front side, the door and the covers are stainless steel. The tank is insulated and protected with rust free panels.

The pump is located on the one side while the filtering system is on the opposite side both easily accessible from outside for maintenance. The filtering system is fed by gravity and consists of four elements for gross soil and one of large dimensions to retain fine solid contaminants.

The Rotating Jet washers are manufactured in five different size models or with air operated vertical door and load platform... Continued

Rotating High Pressure Jets
Rotating High Pressure Jets



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The basis heating is electric with stainless elements placed under the filtering system but the Rotating Jet can be also equipped with additional heating system such as oil or gas burner or steam with heat exchanger accessible from the rear of the machine. The double heating at extra cost is particularly useful in many instances and can work together or separately. The control panel contains all the instruments and operating controls with function lamps.

The loading and unloading system can be with extra baskets and trolleys so that one basket is inside the chamber always and one operator is doing the job of getting the goods - cleaning - washing it - delivering it to the next station when the second basket is inside the chamber for degreasing.

    Multi Stage Phosphating
Multi Stage Phosphating
    The ADITRON TUNNEL spray phosphating systems - washers are designed for continuous operation jobs and can be single or multi stage. That makes the tunnel system suitable for many applications even if a diversified spray process is required for difficult-to-clean parts or for mass-production.
The tunnel system is based on the pass-through principle and is not influenced by the length of materials to be treated.
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