Process Centrifugal + Vortex + Coalascing

The Compressed Air that enters in AIPL Dryers - Filters, due to Enlarged Areas gets Expanded - Through a Centrifugal passage Fitted with Woven SS-316 Filters Element 50/20/10/5 Microns Woven in Vortex form few layers for Coalascing action and depth Filtration. Extra Large Woven Filters in the screw type passage which is 2 to 10 times longer than other filter available in India. During this process 99.99+% or Element of Cotton / Glass Fibre PP/ PE-5/1/5 Microns Available.
Physical Air Filters - Dryers
Physical Air Filters - Dryers


1. Moisture Free Compressed Air from Continuos Centrifugal Vortex - Coalascing action from multiple dryer cum Filters.
2. No Moving Parts.
3. No Maintenance.
4. 99.99+%.
5. Reclaimable, Washable Elements upto 5 Micron in SS - 316/SB and optional 1 / .5 / 0.5 in Glass Fibre / PE / PP Activated Carbon Optional Filter Element at Extra Cost.
6. 2 to 10 Times Larger Filteration Area as Elements is in Screw Centrifugal form Woven for Vortex action few Layers Wound for Depth Filteration. Velocity and Temperature increases to Generate 99.99% Efficiency you can improve the life of Existing Air Dryer Media 2 to 3 Times if installed before it.
7. Upto 95% Void Area less Pressure Drop Across the Filter due to the special Woven pattern used - Saves Power / Energy.
8. Body Guaranteed for 5 years Powder / Polyurethane Coated 'C' class pipe tested upto 350 PSI-WP upto 150 PSI.
9. Also Available Special Filters with SS body and all internals also in SS for Corrosive Applications.
10. In Line Dryers Cum Filters - Reclaimable Elements SS / SB.
11. Both Elements can be removed as fixed by threads without disturbing the line Easy Removal for Maintenance.
12. By pass system also available of two sets of filters.


As pre - Filters before Air Dryers as Final Filter with Additional Elements in Glass Fibre / PE/ PP / Woven / Special Activated Carbon Filter for total Removal of Oil. To be Fixed just 5 to 10 Feet Before Point of use with element in 5 / 3 / .5 / .05 Microns as per applications.